January Thaw

Today's view from Blue Water Ink.

Yes, you did indeed hear thunder. Today's afternoon temperature reached 64 degrees. The average high temperature for this date is 29 degrees, and the previous high was 52.

But what does weather have to do with writing? Today's weather reminded me of mediocre writing.

As the temperature rose and the snow receded, fog settled in. This resulted in low visibility and dangerous driving conditions.

Mediocre writing does the same thing. It warms hearts—it may even cause an emotional meltdown. But it clouds thinking and makes mental navigation difficult and dangerous. Mediocre writing also does the opposite. Careless attempts to clear up foggy thinking can freeze people's hearts.

Good writing softens hearts without creating foggy thinking; it clears thinking without hardening hearts.

The same might be said of good theology.

January "unthawed."