If I Were Obama . . .

Tonight there will be yet another debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The alarming thing about the Clinton campaign is that after all these months, her team still hasn't figured out a strategy "that works." She claims to be the candidate who is "ready on day one" to step in and take over as president. But her claim is lame. Even with the Clinton "machine" working for her, she hasn't yet figured out how to campaign for the presidency; why would anyone believe she knows how to be the president.

Hillary's campaign is like three legs of a stool—attack, admire, emote. The reason they don't work is because there is no seat holding them together!

If I were Obama, I would respond to her attacks with simple words like these: "Hillary, there may well be things in your past that I could dredge up and use against you. But my staff members and I have better things to do. We're not going to waste our time and energy dragging you down; we're going to use every minute of our time and every ounce of our strength building up America."

Hillary just doesn't "get it," and she surrounds herself with equally clueless advisers. Good-bye Clintons!