Above All, Love

The cover: hot off the press . . .

The text: ready to go on press . . .

The text: rolling off the press . . .
enjoy the sight and sound of the press room
unfortunately, no smell of ink . . . technology still has its limitations

This morning at 9 AM, Above All, Love went on press at Color House Graphics here in Grand Rapids. Having my first book published is exciting, but having Color House print it makes it especially meaningful. Color House was started by Ken Postema and Bill Landheer, former publishing colleagues at Zondervan, and Bill's son, Steve, in September 1987, the same month that Paul Hillman, Judith Markham, and I founded Blue Water Ink.

In addition, the book was published by Discovery House, also founded in 1987 when RBC Ministries hired two other former Zondervan colleagues, Bob DeVries and Carol Holquist, to get it started. Bob has retired, and Carol is now the publisher.

Also, due to a rather convoluted set of circumstances beginning with 9-11, Judy Markham, my mentor, friend, and former business partner, is now the managing editor at Discovery House, so she was my editor.

In the past 20 years, we have combined our talents on many projects in our individual roles as editor, publisher, and printer. But this is my first time working with everyone in my new role as author. I am delighted to have them as my editor, publisher, and printer.