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The California cousins' reunion has come to an end. What a time we had! We walked the beach a few times and also made it to the end of the pier in the map below. At the end of the pier is an old ship that was turned into a nightclub back in the 20s or 30s. The ship was made out of cement. Click here for more information.

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Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing | Religion Bookline

Click here to read "Chabon and Martel Headline Calvin Festival" by Jana Reiss.

California, here I come!

This is where you can find me for the next five days—April 24-29.

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Click here to find out the weather in Aptos, California.

Maybe today . . .

Perhaps the last of this season's ice will melt into history today!

Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College starts today. Praise God for sending warm weather!

Soon all the ice will be melted.


Every so often it happens. After collecting a pile of rejection letters, an author decides to publish his or her own book, and it goes on to become a best-seller.

Novel about God hits a chord in Nashville.

When the dollars start rolling in, publishers see "value" previously invisible to them.

Congratulations, William Young.